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Talent building

First, the talent strategy

The first strategy of Jinji shares is the talent strategy. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “technology is the root, innovation is the soul, and talent is the foundation”. It always regards talents as the foundation of enterprise development, the basis of competition and the foundation of development, creating a respectful, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talents. The good atmosphere of the company; the company chooses people to be eclectic, does not see the body, the most important thing is the consistency of the personal world outlook and values and the corporate culture of Jinji shares, that is, first of all to recognize the corporate culture of Jinji shares; the company’s leaders have always believed that the job is to be competent Talents, innovation and development are excellent talents; the basic quality of Jinji shares outstanding talents should have at least the following three points:

1. Have a career, have passion for doing things, have strong execution, and people who have no passion and execution can't use it.
2, to have a certain technical base, can be product technology, but also management technology.
3, to have a strong learning spirit, only continue to learn, in order to climb higher peaks.
Jinji shares always insist on attracting people with a broad platform, retaining people with generous treatment, inspiring people with profound culture, and achieving people with outstanding career.

Second, the purpose of the talent

Jinji shares believe that the so-called talent is really to use him as a scarce resource to dig, compete, and cultivate, rather than as a cost. The company builds an enterprise talent resource system according to the capability requirements of the talent strategy. The employees and Jinji shares share the responsibility for capacity improvement. The employees themselves are the main body of their personal development. The superior leaders are the instructors of employee development, and the human resources department is the employee development. The organizers, the three parties maintain good interaction and communication, so that the needs of employees and business needs to find the best point of convergence, so that employees truly grow together with Jinji shares, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for employees and enterprises. We hope that more talents will join the outstanding business of Jinji Group, and more talents will pay attention to the development of Jinji shares!
Jinji shares adhere to the principle of “capabilityism” rather than “educationalism”, “appropriate ability”, “character building foundation, ability to become a weapon”, “performance plus potential, character and talent”.
"People are supreme, people do their best" is the basis for the employment of Jinji shares.
"Open, fair and just" is the principle of employment of Jinji shares.
Jinji shares respect knowledge and respect talents, but never move to employees who have contributed.
The employees of Jinji Shares are equal in personality regardless of their position.

Third, the talent concept:

Jinji has always advocated humanized management. The company's human resources work always adheres to the principle of “respecting talents, cultivating talents and achieving talents”, insisting on concept innovation, system innovation and talent innovation, and creating a fair and just way for talent growth and competition. The atmosphere of “openness” and the establishment of a mechanism to respect talents, cultivate talents and give full play to their potentials, guarantee the perfection and harmony of the development and growth of the enterprise and the realization of the greatest value of the individual.
We respect talents: because we know that the road to growth of talents is thorny, understanding the talents, and the great ambition of creating a great cause; we respect knowledge and respect the use of our knowledge to create wealth for enterprises, countries and society to realize their own value. Talents; we value talents, and we attach more importance to creating an environment where talents can display their talents and realize their full potential.
We cultivate talents: We can provide a superior development platform for the growth of talents: We have established a talent training system and incentive mechanism for the healthy development of talents. We have a sound human resources management system that is developed internationally; our company Have a pragmatic and beautiful vision to develop and let talents thrive in a brilliant career.
We make talents: great careers make great people, and our cause is one of the greatest undertakings of mankind. Our company has an infinitely broad space for development. We are making great strides toward the direction of internationalization. We are "pursuing the perfection of harmony." There is no "you" and "me" here. There is only "we" here; we are going to Incorporating with all like-minded talents, we have gathered a huge force to contribute to our Jinji shares and contribute our common strength.