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Company Profile

Jiangsu Jinji Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Taixing Jinji Dyestuff Co., Ltd.) has developed into a large and dynamic subsidiary with a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries covering the development, production, sales and dye intermediates of (active, dispersed) dyes. Key high-tech enterprises.

As a domestic reactive dye production base, Jinji is a strategic partner of many famous global multinational companies and has a high reputation and reputation in domestic and foreign industries. Jinji Company is a “provincial two-integration pilot enterprise”, “high-tech enterprise” and “advanced unit for energy conservation and emission reduction”, “Xinghuo leading enterprise” in Jiangsu Province, “private technology enterprise” and “standardized good behavior 3A” enterprise, and Received a quality credit A-level certificate.

股份 拥有一批优秀和杰出的专业人才,致力于节能环保新产品的研发,多个产品荣获“国家级新产品”和“国家重点新产品”,多只产品获得高新技术认定证书,近十个产品获国家发明专利,是国家化工行业标准起草单位,江苏省博士后创新实践基地,省认定企业技术中心,其活性染料荣获“江苏省名牌产品”,锦鸡牌荣获“江苏省著名商标”,在国内外享有很高的声誉。 Jinji has a group of outstanding and outstanding professionals, and is committed to the research and development of new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products. Many products have won “National New Products” and “National Key New Products”. Many products have obtained high-tech certification, nearly ten. The products have obtained national invention patents, are the drafting unit of national chemical industry standards, the post-doctoral innovation practice base of Jiangsu Province, the provincial-certified enterprise technology center, the reactive dyes won the “Jiangsu Famous Brand Products”, and the Jinji Brand won the “Jiangsu Famous Brand”. It enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad.

股份 注重产品的安全和品质管控,生产的近三十个系列的活性染料产品通过了权威部门的安全环保检测,获得了符合欧盟标准的生态认证和绿叶标签,GOTS有机棉染料认证,欧盟标准的Oeko-Tex Standard 100 认证,深受全球客户的青睐。 Jinji shares pay attention to product safety and quality control. Nearly 30 series of reactive dye products have passed the safety and environmental testing of authoritative departments, obtained ecological certification and green leaf label complying with EU standards, GOTS organic cotton dye certification, EU standard. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, favored by customers around the world.

股份 从产品的研发到生产销售,全程贯穿了环保和可持续发展的理念,敢为人先,追求卓越,力求回报社会,为生活增添色彩。 From the research and development of the products to the production and sales, Jinji shares runs through the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. It dares to be the first, pursues excellence, and strives to repay the society and add color to life.

Together, we win the world and create eternal.

Jiangsu Jinji Industrial Co., Ltd. is composed of Taixing Jinyun Dyestuff Co., Ltd. and Taixing Jinhui Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jinji Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taixing Jinyun Dyestuff Co., Ltd.

Taixing Jinhui Chemical Co., Ltd.