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Jiangsu Jinji Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Taixing Jinji Dyestuff Co., Ltd.) has developed into a large and dynamic subsidiary with a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries covering the development, production, sales and dye intermediates of (active, dispersed) dyes. Key high-tech enterprises.
From the research and development of the products to the production and sales, Jinji shares runs through the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. It dares to be the first, pursues excellence, and strives to repay the society and add color to life.

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Product history

  • 2003 ME type double reactive dye
    2004 B, BES, BPS Economic Series
    2005 G-Series...
  • 2006 CE series
    2007 SNE type, NDS type series
    2008 P-type, JJW wool dye series
  • 2009 JJF can be prevented, JJB can be pulled out series
    2010 PJ high-grade printing type
    2011 LA low alkali
  • 2012 EN Jin non-stained LC cold dyed type
    2013 RCD cotton / human cotton series
    2014 new anti-W series
  • 2015 WE type acrylamide
    2016 Potassium Permanganate Decolorization Series
    2017 Ink Dye PJ Series
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